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Favorite Things – Beauty — April 21, 2017

Favorite Things – Beauty

I love sharing my ‘must-haves’ with friends who are as obsessed with all things skin, hair, and makeup. Instead of just telling my friends over lunch or group text, I decided to go bigger and share with all of my readers!

Today’s current favorites:


I couldn’t choose just one! I am LOVING ColorProof’s working hairspray. It’s got a great smell, a good hold, and keeps all the hairs in place!

I also am absolutely LOVING Monat. I held out for years before trying it, but am now in month 3 of using and my hair seriously is longer and stronger. I even feel like my blonde is blonder!! If you need a consultant, my girl Amie Orr can hook you up! She is on Facebook or Instagram and is the sweetest Southern belle!


Since becoming a NuSkin distributor, I have been slowly trying all the products. When I tried the mascara, I was hooked from the first use!

It seriously works better than my super fancy designer mascaras!!


Blotting sheets. I go to the gym often at lunch and these little lovelies are perfect for taking off any unwanted shine and keeping my foundation looking perfect! 

Let me know if you try my favorite things! And send me your own favorites so I can test them out!!

Get Back Up — April 19, 2017

Get Back Up

This post is raw and vulnerable. 

Perseverance is not easy. Failing is not easy. 
Having a history of self-image struggles and eating disorders isn’t easy. My social media is filled with pictures of ‘perfect’ bodies and FOOD. So much food. Cakes and bowls of ice cream and fried chicken smothered in gravy. Foods that make my internal calorie counter go into the red zone and panic attack mode and my binge eating side want to run to the pantry. 

I still have days where I don’t feel confident. I put on a dress this weekend that was a very tiny size and asked my husband if I my belly looked pudgy. It’s body dismorphia. It’s real. 

I track my food in MyFitnessPal and have days where I am oh-so-tempted to eat one less snack or cut just a few more carbs. 

My stomach swells when I eat foods that don’t work for me and my face gets puffy and I don’t feel like me. Sugar makes me angry and irritable. But I eat it anyway.

I KNOW the ‘right’ things to eat, but sometimes I just want the jelly beans. And I sometimes eat a whole bag. But I no longer eat them in secrecy and hide the trash from my husband. 

I no longer feel victory from going to bed hungry. 

Recovery looks different for everyone. For me, it’s a daily struggle to be healthy. Healthy for me means tons of veggies, sweating, and lots of praying. 

I am writing this today because you need to know you aren’t alone. Recovery and healthy is possible. Persevere and get back up when you fail. 

You are enough. 

Summer Challenge — April 2, 2017

Summer Challenge

People often ask me what workout plan I am following, so I wanted to share my current plan! 

I have followed Kayla Fassio on social media for awhile and finally met her when she was a judge for Mrs. Oklahoma 2017! I jumped in for her summer challenge to help me reach my own personal fitness goals for my 33rd birthday in May! 

The challenge is broken down into daily gym or at-home workouts and cardio training. Each day is focused on a certain muscle group or two. Legs are the hardest day for me, but it’s the area where I have seen the most progress over the last 6 weeks!! 

I also do HIIT or steady-state cardio 6 days a week. 

I am following the workout plans, but trying a modified version her meal plan for this month. I am trying more of a keto approach to food. 

Keto means lower carbs, higher fat and moderate protein. I followed something very similar to what I am doing now back in January and felt great! I had so much energy, slept more soundly, saw a giant change in my body fat and didn’t struggle with cravings!! Ketogenic diets have many scientific studies showing major health benefits like hormone regulation and improved blood sugar levels. So, here we go again. Keto – round 2! 

Walking in Faith — March 21, 2017

Walking in Faith

You know how sometimes it takes time and some life living to look back and see where you skewed off track? That’s been happening to me a little in 2017. I have been looking back at the last few years and have seen some places where I was exactly where I needed to be and other places where I was completely in my own head and my focus wasn’t on Jesus.

I have recently started a new job (I know, yes – again!) and from day 1, it was a perfect fit. The people are amazing and friendly and the work is exactly what I love to do – spreadsheets and talking to people!

I know God has a huge plan for me, so it’s silly to doubt Him or even question the ‘why!’ 

There is always a purpose to each life change or event. It’s not always evident immediately, but it’s always there.

I was given this life for a reason far greater than me. To be a committed and loving wife, raise my sons, serve others, be a light and be a friend. 

My passion for positive self-image and pushing negative self-talk and self-doubt to the side isn’t going away. I am so excited to serve as a National Ambassador for Project Heal and raise awareness and funds for eating disorder recovery. 

When your passions align with your personal goals, it’s the perfect match – God’s divine appointment! 

Walk in your purpose. It’s what we are called to do!

How to Pageant – Mrs. Division — March 8, 2017

How to Pageant – Mrs. Division

Growing up, I wanted to be a glam girl walking the stage in heels and whipping my hair like I had a wind machine permanently blowing. I thought this was pageantry.

My first pageant was in Shamrock, Texas on St. Patrick’s Day weekend and was called Miss Irish Rose. I was a freshman in high school. I was overwhelmed and in awe of the senior girls who ended up being the top 5. I wore a beautiful ivory and gold dress that my mom and aunt helped me choose and felt so beautiful, but so out of my element. I was timid and terrified.

Fast forward to my senior year in high school. I competed in that same pageant for the second time and WON! And my best friend was 2 runner up! We had the MOST fun and laughed and met lots of great girls and enjoyed every minute. I wore my prom dress from that year and didn’t overthink it. 

The reason I tell you these two stories? It’s applicable to any pageant you may enter. You can walk in being the ‘new girl’ and totally win. That first year just taught me that sometimes, it’s okay to compete for the experience and the growth. The key to the whole process is simple – relax, enjoy the process, and have fun! 

Here are a few other tips I have found super helpful:

1. Listen to the director. He or she is there to HELP you and guide you, but they can’t be your coach.

2. Read your paperwork. Many questions can be answered by reading this!

3. Be timely with deadlines.

4. Be kind to everyone you encounter. You never know who is watching or who may end up as your judge or co-competitor someday. 

5. Don’t lose your focus and your why. Remember what made you enter and stay true to you! 

I hope this was helpful! For more questions on pageants or my personal journey, message me on Facebook or email me. I would love to help. 

Sweating It Out — February 17, 2017

Sweating It Out

So we are almost to the end of February. How many of you are going strong with your resolutions?

I started a challenge in December led by trainer Autumn Calabrese. We did 21 Day Fix, 30 days of Chisel, and 21 Day Fix Extreme. The challenge also wanted us to do Country Heat for the final leg. #honestyhour here – I am not doing Country Heat.

After finishing Chisel, I started really missing my morning cardio workouts. It’s my me time. It’s the time I can put my headphones on and listen to my ‘murder podcasts’ and get sweaty and gross. I like to do this super early in the mornings and get my days off to a clear-headed start! 

Cardio isn’t for everyone and it’s not about weight loss for me. It’s about heart health and mental health. 

I love my treadmill time, my elliptical moments, my stairmaster sessions, HIIT workouts, interval training – all of it! 

This has perfectly coincided with the opening of a new gym less than 2 minutes from my house, so it’s been so fun to have a totally new environment! 

I still have 3-4 days of weight training and/or Pure Barre each week. Cardio doesn’t replace the benefits of strength training, core strength, and balance training. 

For me, fitness is about mixing it up, staying super consistent, and enjoying what you are doing! 

Need help getting started or ideas of how to mix it up? Message me and let’s figure out your goals! 

The great sugar detox of 2017 — February 10, 2017

The great sugar detox of 2017

I have been trying some new things my nutrition lately. After having some issues with sleeping and gut health and a weird white coating on my tongue, I self-diagnosed that it was candida and decided to cut out all sugar (even fruit) for 2 weeks and see what happened.

Here is a little of what I have been eating:

I added a great probiotic and a candida support supplement, cut out all the sugar, added some healthy fats and jumped in.

I am now on my fourth week and wanted to update on my progress. 

1. My sleeping is better, but still not perfect. I still wake up once a night around midnight and have so much trouble going back to sleep!! This is my biggest frustration. 

2. My gut is SO much better right now! Many of my issues went away within the first week and have been continuing to improve with each week.

3. Energy. I drove to Dallas and back last weekend with no snacks, no caffeine and didn’t get sleepy or tired at all. This was night and day from how I was feeling a few months ago! 

4. Foods. I won’t lie. I miss sweet potatoes and apples and cupcakes. But I feel so much better overall that it’s worth giving it up! I have been adding in one day per week where I have some of these sugary foods,  but I really feel icky the next day. Not sure if I will continue on that. I also am loving adding avocado and coconut oil to all the things! 

I feel so significantly improved with my health that I plan to continue for another month with this lower carb, higher fat approach to see what happens. I feel strong in my workouts and haven’t felt like they have been negatively impacted.

As always, it’s a work in progress to feeling my best from the inside out. I will keep updating here for myself and for anyone who is interested. If you want to try this approach, let me know and I will point you to the bloggers and people who have given me inspiration and ideas!