February is one of my favorite months. It’s the beginning of the end of winter. It’s when I begin settling in to the new year. It’s the month we dedicate to celebrating love.

I haven’t always felt this way.

In high school, I celebrated Anti-Valentine’s Day with some friends. We dressed in all black and rebelled against the oh-so-paltry high school romances in our small town. I read a book as a 13 year old girl about not wasting time dating a boy that you couldn’t see yourself marrying. And in my incredible foresight, I realized my future Mr. Right was not a member of our student body. So these sweet friends and I took a stand against the single bud vase rose deliveries and the human sized stuffed teddy bears. We said no to faux diamond necklaces and no to boxes of chocolates.

Now that I am a happily married woman, I love Valentine’s Day. The way we celebrate is different than most traditional couples. In our seven years of marriage, I have only gotten flowers on Valentine’s Day once. But each year, I come home on a random Tuesday to flowers on the table. I enjoy a delicious meal cooked by my husband on a Saturday evening. I get to spend an afternoon with my girlfriends while my husband takes the littles to the park. He fills up my car with gas so I don’t have to. Mr. Oklahoma shows me love every single day of the year.

Single ladies, pray for your future husband. Pray he is the man that will go pick up almond milk ice cream when you desperately want it. Pray he is the man who prays for and with your children. Pray he is the man who sacrifices daily for you. And pray that God makes you the perfect compliment and partner for that future man. 

A man who sweeps you away for a weekend trip to Napa but won’t help you change your flat tire? No, thanks! The guy who drives the fancy car and wears the right clothes but doesn’t call you for five days? No, thanks. 

I adore the daily showers of affection and the little texts reminding me how beautiful he think I am! And the date nights and vacations are just icing on the gluten-free red velvet cupcake. 

Marriage is hard and wonderful and frustrating and bliss. It’s so worth waiting for!