Dustin and I have been on exactly three vacations in our eight year marriage. Our honeymoons – a Carribean cruise, a trip to Colorado with my family, and a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Technically, we have also been to Vegas, but I was competing at Mrs. America and saw him for about 12 hours during the week so I don’t count that. 

All this to say, we were beyond excited to travel to the Dominican Republic for five whole days of enjoying each other, the beach, and the quiet! 

We flew United – all-in-all an easy and comfortable experience. One thing I would suggest is to pre-book transportation from the airport to your resort. We took a taxi and it was fine, but a tiny bit nerve wracking that we were getting scammed or something! We stayed at the Chic Punta Cana resort, a small all-inclusive resort. It was absolutely gorgeous and like nothing I have ever seen! The decor is very modern and upscale and everything is open and outdoor. We also were upgraded to the Diamond Club which gave us access to a private beach, private pool, hydrotherapy, private breakfast and a private lunch at the Sushi/ceviche restaurant! The Diamond Club is entirely worth it if you are booking a stay at Chic! It includes got a private butler and a pool-side room with a beach view. 

Once we were checked in, we grabbed some water (Punta Cana is HOT!) and headed to the ocean. Guys, the ocean and beach in Punta Cana is just beyond words. White sandy beaches are clean and the water varies from dark blue to green to turquoise. Our private beach had covered cabanas with pillows or standard beach lounge chairs with shades. 

We spent almost all our time either at the beach or the Mermaid Pool. We had the beach and the pool to ourselves for almost the entire time and it was just heaven! It felt like we had the resort completely to ourselves. Private ocean-side tables for all meals and top of the line service. 

I wasn’t going to let my commitment to fitness slide while on vacation and the gym at Chic was well-equipped! Dustin and I ran on Tuesday morning and I streamed an Insanity Max 30 workout from my phone on Wednesday. Thursday was yoga at sunrise on the beach with weights afterward and Friday, I did a lower body workout with a little cardio. It was a nice change to do my workouts outdoors with the palm trees and lush greenery all around, but I have never gotten quite so sweaty! 

One of the coolest things I did was the full hydrotherapy experience at the spa. The treatment started with the steam room followed by the sauna. Once I had completed the first two, I was led back to the hydrotherapy pools – a jacuzzi, an ice cold pool, the hydrotherapy pool and four ‘showers’ with different health benefits! My attendant brought me hot tea and left me to enjoy the looks for an hour. Um, an HOUR with no talking or my phone?!? I left this hour with legs feeling like jello. I am so high-energy and a little high-strung so this level of relaxation was like nothing I had ever experienced. Ever.

I took Dustin back with my the next day, but I didn’t do the full treatment. I didn’t want to be sleepy all day!! 

One night, our butler sent us chocolate covered strawberries which was a sweet treat even if we couldn’t eat them (we are both dairy-free). More on what we ate all week in a future post!

Overall, the trip was just perfection and I would highly recommend our resort. We spoke with several couples at the airport and on our flight home who stayed at larger resorts and they weren’t as impressed. If individual attention, total peace and relaxation, delicious food, wonderful spa and gym, and gorgeous modern decor is for you – Chic Punta Cana is for you! 

Future posts on ‘what I wore’ and ‘what we ate’ will follow soon!