I have been trying some new things my nutrition lately. After having some issues with sleeping and gut health and a weird white coating on my tongue, I self-diagnosed that it was candida and decided to cut out all sugar (even fruit) for 2 weeks and see what happened.

Here is a little of what I have been eating:

I added a great probiotic and a candida support supplement, cut out all the sugar, added some healthy fats and jumped in.

I am now on my fourth week and wanted to update on my progress. 

1. My sleeping is better, but still not perfect. I still wake up once a night around midnight and have so much trouble going back to sleep!! This is my biggest frustration. 

2. My gut is SO much better right now! Many of my issues went away within the first week and have been continuing to improve with each week.

3. Energy. I drove to Dallas and back last weekend with no snacks, no caffeine and didn’t get sleepy or tired at all. This was night and day from how I was feeling a few months ago! 

4. Foods. I won’t lie. I miss sweet potatoes and apples and cupcakes. But I feel so much better overall that it’s worth giving it up! I have been adding in one day per week where I have some of these sugary foods,  but I really feel icky the next day. Not sure if I will continue on that. I also am loving adding avocado and coconut oil to all the things! 

I feel so significantly improved with my health that I plan to continue for another month with this lower carb, higher fat approach to see what happens. I feel strong in my workouts and haven’t felt like they have been negatively impacted.

As always, it’s a work in progress to feeling my best from the inside out. I will keep updating here for myself and for anyone who is interested. If you want to try this approach, let me know and I will point you to the bloggers and people who have given me inspiration and ideas!