You know how sometimes it takes time and some life living to look back and see where you skewed off track? That’s been happening to me a little in 2017. I have been looking back at the last few years and have seen some places where I was exactly where I needed to be and other places where I was completely in my own head and my focus wasn’t on Jesus.

I have recently started a new job (I know, yes – again!) and from day 1, it was a perfect fit. The people are amazing and friendly and the work is exactly what I love to do – spreadsheets and talking to people!

I know God has a huge plan for me, so it’s silly to doubt Him or even question the ‘why!’ 

There is always a purpose to each life change or event. It’s not always evident immediately, but it’s always there.

I was given this life for a reason far greater than me. To be a committed and loving wife, raise my sons, serve others, be a light and be a friend. 

My passion for positive self-image and pushing negative self-talk and self-doubt to the side isn’t going away. I am so excited to serve as a National Ambassador for Project Heal and raise awareness and funds for eating disorder recovery. 

When your passions align with your personal goals, it’s the perfect match – God’s divine appointment! 

Walk in your purpose. It’s what we are called to do!