People often ask me what workout plan I am following, so I wanted to share my current plan! 

I have followed Kayla Fassio on social media for awhile and finally met her when she was a judge for Mrs. Oklahoma 2017! I jumped in for her summer challenge to help me reach my own personal fitness goals for my 33rd birthday in May! 

The challenge is broken down into daily gym or at-home workouts and cardio training. Each day is focused on a certain muscle group or two. Legs are the hardest day for me, but it’s the area where I have seen the most progress over the last 6 weeks!! 

I also do HIIT or steady-state cardio 6 days a week. 

I am following the workout plans, but trying a modified version her meal plan for this month. I am trying more of a keto approach to food. 

Keto means lower carbs, higher fat and moderate protein. I followed something very similar to what I am doing now back in January and felt great! I had so much energy, slept more soundly, saw a giant change in my body fat and didn’t struggle with cravings!! Ketogenic diets have many scientific studies showing major health benefits like hormone regulation and improved blood sugar levels. So, here we go again. Keto – round 2!