I love sharing my ‘must-haves’ with friends who are as obsessed with all things skin, hair, and makeup. Instead of just telling my friends over lunch or group text, I decided to go bigger and share with all of my readers!

Today’s current favorites:


I couldn’t choose just one! I am LOVING ColorProof’s working hairspray. It’s got a great smell, a good hold, and keeps all the hairs in place!

I also am absolutely LOVING Monat. I held out for years before trying it, but am now in month 3 of using and my hair seriously is longer and stronger. I even feel like my blonde is blonder!! If you need a consultant, my girl Amie Orr can hook you up! She is on Facebook or Instagram and is the sweetest Southern belle!


Since becoming a NuSkin distributor, I have been slowly trying all the products. When I tried the mascara, I was hooked from the first use!

It seriously works better than my super fancy designer mascaras!!


Blotting sheets. I go to the gym often at lunch and these little lovelies are perfect for taking off any unwanted shine and keeping my foundation looking perfect! 

Let me know if you try my favorite things! And send me your own favorites so I can test them out!!