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Feeding Littles — October 6, 2015

Feeding Littles

So Mr. Oklahoma and I have been eating ‘clean’ and ‘paleo-ish’ for over a year now. We love our meals and so do our kids! But there are some meals that we eat that are just too spicy for our boys. 

In the spirit of sharing what we eat, I thought I would share what our kids eat! Here is their dinner from last night.


Applegate pepperonis, green grapes, 1/2 small baked sweet potato and 1/4 avocado. Also one tube Chobani Greek yogurt. 

Our oldest ended up getting seconds AND thirds of his avocado and our little one wanted seconds of the pepperonis.

This meal took me 5 minutes to throw together and they cleaned their plates and had a yummy meal. So much better than fast food! 

What are your kid-friendly go-tos? Please comment below! 

The Future — October 4, 2015

The Future

It’s been 10 days since I competed for the title of Mrs. America. I came home and was super sick. Then I got laid off from my job of almost 8 years due to a really difficult oil and gas market. 

That’s a lot of life in a really short amount of time. I have spent the past few days reflecting and really digging deep to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 

I have mentally gone through every career option from teacher to bakery owner. I will so miss my friends from my job, but I know we will still have lunches and many more laughs! I love the fresh start. The opportunities and challenges. The freedom! 

I know God will provide the perfect career opportunity for me and I am resting in His faithfulness.

One thing I am so grateful for is that I still have another six months to make an impact in Oklahoma as Mrs. Oklahoma! 

I have never believed in my message that You Are Enough more than now. It’s tough to walk onto a national stage in a swimsuit and feel confident and beautiful. I may not have been the smallest or the most fit woman on the stage, but I was in the best physical shape of MY life and that gave me so much confidence! I am a child of the King – that makes me a princess! And I felt like a princess in my evening gown. Regal and radiant. 

Now, I get to continue working with young girls and sharing my personal story while helping them find value in themselves just the way they are. I can’t wait to add to the memories of this year! 

2015, you have been a roller coaster! Let’s see where the next few months takes us!

Favorites – Part 2 — August 3, 2015

Favorites – Part 2

Lately, I have been loving some new and fun things!  It’s nice to have your go-tos, but discovering new things brings me happiness. The newest winners are:

Household: Rubbermaid containers. My fridge is stocked with these at all times filled with berries, precooked veggies, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal and more. These make bulk cooking and meal preparation a breeze!

Beauty: YouTube makeup videos. I love this series by this gorgeous lady! She is a pageant queen, Beachbody coach, mom and total inspiration.

Hair: So i don’t have a photo to go with this favorite, but I am currently loving NOT washing my hair daily. I’ve switched to conditioner only every other day and it is helping my hair feel less dry and it’s looking more shiny!

Food: Frank’s RedHot Sauce. I first tried this in my Buffalo Chicken Salad, but now, we are using it on our eggs, chicken breasts, ground turkey – just about everything! This is also Mr. Oklahoma approved. He just bought the jumbo size bottle.

If you haven’t tried one of my favorites, now is the time! Let me know which one you try and how much you love it!

Little loves and joy — August 2, 2015

Little loves and joy

  My two boys spent Friday night with my parents. We came to western OK to pick them up and spend time with my family on Saturday evening. When we pulled up, our oldest, Ben, came running towards us. It was adorable and made me feel so loved.

Ben was invited to have a sleepover with his cousin, so Mr. Oklahoma and I headed to my parents house with our youngest, Camden.

Camden was devastated. It was his first night away from his brother in his whole little 2 1/2 years of life. He was so tired from a long day of working with his Pop, fishing and exploring. He laid his little head down on my shoulder and was holding my hand as he told me he just wanted to go back with Ben.

Both of these stories of utter joy and utter devastation were perfect examples of what I should be feeling when I get to spend time with Jesus. I should be running to Him and crying when I fall away.

Thank you, little loves. You bring me such joy and are a shining example of God’s love for his own children!

Overwhelmed. — June 24, 2015


The only word to describe my emotional state today: overwhelmed. 

I spent my morning on the oncology floor of OU Children’s Medical Center. I interacted with 26 children. Some were there for treatment and some were siblings of a patient. The mood there was energetic and upbeat. Lots of laughter and talks of swimming and camp. I loved every second of making crown crafts with the kids and answering their questions about my crown and sash. 

But when I got into my car at the end of my time volunteering, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I am so blessed to have healthy boys. The moms and dads, the brothers and sisters, the kids who come for treatment day after day – they are my heroes. They are the winners. 

This was an emotional day and I am overwhelming grateful. 

Father’s Day — June 22, 2015

Father’s Day

My daddy is one of those men who everyone remembers meeting. He has a ‘larger-than-life’ personality, has a mutual acquaintance of every stranger he meets, and tells a story like no other.   


I often was embarrassed by my dad as a teen and honestly, sometimes still! For example: in the Mrs. Oklahoma video, I can hear his roaring cheers over the entire crowd! You can thank his Texas A&M yell leader skills for that! As often as I roll my eyes at his antics, I am so thankful for a father who supports me and has never let me settle. He has always pushed me to go beyond just okay and to be excellent

He is a Godly father, a loving husband, and was a strict parent. Not much gets past my dad. He is a cowboy and an Aggie.

One thing I have learned from my dad is selflessness. He invites strangers to Sunday lunch, picks up every hitchhiker he sees (to my dismay!), pays for random meals for people, and serves as a missionary everywhere he goes. He is a giver. He walks the walk. 

 This post is for you, Dad. I love you! 

Being sick is the worst.  — June 9, 2015

Being sick is the worst. 

I have spent the past 48 hours at home and in some of the worst shape ever. My throat hurts, body aches, head hurts and apparently, I have strep throat. 

Instead of being down in the dumps about being sick (okay, I did some of that…), I tried to use these past few days to truly rest and remember why I do the things I do. 

I love volunteer work. I love seeing the faces of the people I am helping fill with happiness. I love knowing I did something of value with my time.

I love my job. It makes me so happy to help my coworkers, our internal and external customers and watching my team develop. They make my days so worth it.

I love my family. Being a mom and a wife are the two wonderful and exhausting jobs ever. I love every second of my kids, although I don’t always like them (2 year olds can be trying!)! And my husband – I mean. God knew what he was doing when he created Mr. Oklahoma! 

I love my life. Sick, feverish, achy. I love it!