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And the winner is… — December 21, 2015

And the winner is…

I have been flooded with texts and messages about the recent Miss Universe Pageant. I was even more confused when our friendly little elf tried to take my Mrs. Oklahoma crown last night! 

My thoughts are too long for a Facebook post, so I decided to just blog it out!
First of all, let me give you some background. I was first runner-up at least  three or four times in Miss Oklahoma locals. I sang and sang and practiced my walk and tried to get the perfect wardrobe, but was called first runner-up over and over. There were pageants were I truly believed the results had been either read wrong or mistabulated. It was a heart-breaking feeling.

I have also been the one who got the crown. And that was the most exhilarating and satisfying feelings of my life. Nothing says ‘you did it!’ quite like a sparkly crown and banner! 

Now, back to the present! I attended the Miss Oklahoma USA pageant at the same time as the live show of Miss Universe. I was getting play-by-plays from Mr. Oklahoma via text and my friends and I were so excited to hear each round that our own Oklahoma native Miss USA advanced! When she was called 2nd runner-up, I was disappointed for her, but also so excited for her! She placed 2nd RU in the biggest pageant in the world! 

And then came the drama. I watched the show this morning and was so confused. I don’t know if it’s a publicity stunt or not, but what I do know is that it was the strangest 5 minutes of television I have ever seen. It made the Kayne and Taylor Swift thing look like a friendly game of tennis. I loved Olivia (Miss USA) for reaching out to Miss Philippines and I was so happy to see the reigning Miss Universe handle the situation with such grace.

Steve Harvey did the right thing by admitting the mistake as soon as possible. What made it even worse was that he told Philippines to take her walk without the crown or banner. It was So bittersweet for her because she doesn’t have that moment of pure joy. She had a moment of shock, confusion, excitement and compassion for Colombia. I applause her for handling this in the best way she knows how. 

But good grief, how did this happen?!!!

Balancing Act — December 10, 2015

Balancing Act

In my circle of friends, the night of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show ranks right below Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Universe and above the Oscars. 

I have even been to a ‘watch party’ where we ate cookies and watched with jealousy at the ladies who strutted the stage with grace and confidence and ridiculously long and perfectly toned legs. 

When I was prepping for Mrs. Oklahoma and Mrs. America, I got a little taste into what goes into getting ready to walk on stage wearing a swimsuit (or less in the VS model’s case). Here’s the real truth: it takes WORK. 

Yes, genetics are part of this whole look, but it’s a total commitment to healthy diet and tremdous focus and time in the gym.

As someone who has recovered from a serious eating disorder, I was nervous that following a strict meal plan would send me spiraling back into that world. Surprisingly, I found that guidelines and some ‘rules’ actually gave me freedom from the worry and stress that food used to give me. Meal plans work for me. My current meal plan is much more lenient than it was while getting ‘stage ready’ and finding balance is taking some time. I want to look like a shorter, older and less glamazon version of Adriana Lima year-round!! However, I also want to see my kids and husband and not be in the gym twice or three times a day. So – balance. 

Now, I workout because I feel strong and powerful when lifting heavy things and I run because my mind is clear and I am energized for the day. Those things combined make me confident. Confident is beautiful. 

It’s so easy to watch pageants and fashion shows and compare yourself to the women on stage or in the pictures. But comparison is truly the thief of all joy. And guess what? You. Are. Enough.

When I think back to my preparation, I never was trying to look better than another contestant – I was trying to be the best version of ME that had ever existed. And I reached it – but it’s not over! The journey to health and fitness is life-long and again, all about balance.

Balance and remembering that I am enough. 

The Future — October 4, 2015

The Future

It’s been 10 days since I competed for the title of Mrs. America. I came home and was super sick. Then I got laid off from my job of almost 8 years due to a really difficult oil and gas market. 

That’s a lot of life in a really short amount of time. I have spent the past few days reflecting and really digging deep to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 

I have mentally gone through every career option from teacher to bakery owner. I will so miss my friends from my job, but I know we will still have lunches and many more laughs! I love the fresh start. The opportunities and challenges. The freedom! 

I know God will provide the perfect career opportunity for me and I am resting in His faithfulness.

One thing I am so grateful for is that I still have another six months to make an impact in Oklahoma as Mrs. Oklahoma! 

I have never believed in my message that You Are Enough more than now. It’s tough to walk onto a national stage in a swimsuit and feel confident and beautiful. I may not have been the smallest or the most fit woman on the stage, but I was in the best physical shape of MY life and that gave me so much confidence! I am a child of the King – that makes me a princess! And I felt like a princess in my evening gown. Regal and radiant. 

Now, I get to continue working with young girls and sharing my personal story while helping them find value in themselves just the way they are. I can’t wait to add to the memories of this year! 

2015, you have been a roller coaster! Let’s see where the next few months takes us!

5 Lessons From Mrs. America — September 26, 2015

5 Lessons From Mrs. America

Pageant week is over and I have had some time to decompress and reflect. Mrs. Alabama is our new Mrs. America and is a stunner with an amazing platform and story! I can’t wait to watch her impact our nation over the next year.

Below are a few pictures from this past week.

















Here are a few things I am taking away from this experience:

1. Sleep is overrated. I didn’t sleep much this week and somehow still made it! I was running on adrenaline and coffee by the end and a little delirious, but I had the best time!

2. Water in Vegas is very hard to find! I suggest buying a case and keeping a full bottle with you in your bag. It’s hot and dry! 

3. Every single state titleholder was deserving of a top 15 placement. These women were inspiring and have all had an amazing impact on their communities and states. They were beautiful, funny, talented and caring.

4. Pageants are addicting. This was my second pageant as a married woman and gosh, the bug has bitten! Something about the stage lights and the spray tan and the dresses and the hard work for months beforehand just makes me happy! 

5. I have no regrets! I went into Mrs. America knowing I had done everything possible to be the best Rebekah possible. I felt like a winner and I am so happy for Mrs. Alabama – our new titleholder. AND my roommate and sister queen, Mrs. Texas, was first runner-up! I am so happy for each of the top 15 – all 52 women there had been working for months to prepare for Mrs. America and we did it! We competed on a national stage!! 

Miss A — September 12, 2015

Miss A

Miss America is tomorrow! Below are some of my all-time favorites in swimsuit.

Some were swimsuit prelim winners and some were not, but they all show hard work, dedication and health. 

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and these ladies are no different! Lifestyle and fitness competition is a chance to showcase the feminine form and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

Pageantry often gets a bad rap for this part of the score, but there is something very empowering for a woman to put on a swimsuit and heels and have all eyes on her! 

These ladies inspire me each time I hit the gym. I can’t wait to show off my hard work in ten days!

So excited for tomorrow night!   

22 days until takeoff — August 28, 2015

22 days until takeoff

I am headed to Las Vegas in 22 days. I will compete along with 51 other women (one representative from each state, Washington DC and the winner of the first runner up contest) for the title of Mrs. America.

This is big. Huge!

I have every emotion possible right now. Excitement, nervousness, happiness, pride, petrified, joy, worry. I have spent months and months preparing for this competition.

I have gotten to know myself and who I am at my core. I have pushed my limits and done things I never knew I was able to do! I have spoken to children, teens and adults. I have served in my community. I have a whole new set of pageant friends that have become like family! It has been the journey of a lifetime and I am ready to show this set of judges who I am and what I am all about.

I have been blessed with the best prep team and the most wonderful sponsors. My director is one in a million! I feel like I have all the tools I need to represent Oklahoma on that stage! 

Please pray for my family and me over this next few weeks. I will be leaving my little boys for an entire week. My Mr. Oklahoma has taken on so many extra little things like the dishes and bath times so I could have more time to practice walking or go to the gym. He is the most supportive and encouraging partner! Thank you, love!

My prayer for my time at Mrs. America is that I am the best representation of myself and to have no regrets. To live in the moment and enjoy every minute of the experience. To stay focused and to stay present. And to make you all proud! 

Babies and Books — August 12, 2015

Babies and Books

I have had the chance to meet so many children, adults and community members so far during my year as Mrs. Oklahoma. It’s been a total adventure and I am soaking up every minute!

Yesterday, I got to read to 300 kids at a local child development center in Oklahoma City. This place is super special and close to my heart since my own 2 boys have been students there for over 3 years! The educators and directors are the absolute best! 

For the younger kids, we read Freight Train and I Love You Because You’re You. I can’t think of a more simple way to instill positive self-image than the message of unconditional love and acceptance! The children loved both books and I read them multiple times to a few classes!

The older kids brought their class’ favorite book so that was fun and kept them very captivated. They loved touching the crown and getting to see a real-live ‘princess!’  

Now that school is back in session, I am really excited to meet even more of the youth of Oklahoma! 

If you would like to book Mrs. Oklahoma for your event, business or class – email 

I hope to see lots of you this Saturday, August 15th at the Midnight Streak 5K – it starts at 8 PM and benefits the Oklahoma Contemporary! Come run with Mr. Oklahoma and me!