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Believe and Receive — January 31, 2017

Believe and Receive

I have been an overachiever for as long as I can remember. I have always needed to be top of the class and the best as everything I do. When I am not first, I am last in my own selfish mind.

As I have gotten older and my relationships with Jesus has matured, I realize His plan is not always for me to win or be first. He has taught me so many lessons in losing or failing. 

The Miss Universe pageant was on this weekend and one of the final questions was ‘tell me a time you failed and the lesson you learned from it.’ It didn’t take me more than 10 seconds to have my own answer:

“I fail daily as a mother. I lose my temper and get frustrated and don’t say the right things. I forget pajama days and don’t always get 20 minutes of reading done each night. But I have learned unconditional love through these boys. They are my greatest pride and joy and they love me through my failures.”

I want to be the best mom, the best wife, the best volunteer, the best employee, the best friend. I have been praying for God to grant me the desires of my heart, but that those desires are also His will. That’s a hard thing to do. Patience has never been my strength. That whole competitive thing? It doesn’t go hand-in-hand with patience! But when I let go and trust God, big things happen. Doors open and God provides a way. 

I will continue to strive for balance in all things and daily die to my selfishness and let His will be done. And I know that believing that my prayers are answered (whether I like the answe or not) is what I am commanded to do in Mark 11:24. 

Happy Monday, friends!

8 Years! — January 24, 2017

8 Years!

Facebook kindly reminded me that today was my 8 year anniversary of reaching my ‘goal weight’ and maintaining it. I have talked a lot about under-eating on my blog and social media, but today, I wanted to talk about my over-eating past struggles.

During college, I followed the Atkins diet for the most part. I worked out regularly, ate gallons of ‘carb free’ ice cream and jars upon jars of peanut butter. Because I was active and ate some healthy food, I stayed pretty lean. However, during this time, my migraines were out of control and my energy would slump so low that I would fall asleep while driving home. I would have to roll my windows down or pull over just to stay awake. My binging was just beginning.

My senior year of college, I had finished competing in Miss Oklahoma prelims and for the first time, I let myself ‘be a normal college kid.’ I ate McDonalds. I ate pizza. I ate as many carbs as I wanted. And it caught up with me! I gained some weight, but I wasn’t too concerned.

After graduating OSU, I moved to Edmond with two other girls. I ate pasta almost every night, oatmeal or granola every morning, and a PB&J for lunch. Protein and veggies were non-existent during this time. I also drank Diet Dr. Pepper like it was water.

I kept gaining weight and somehow my size 2 jeans became size 8 and size 10. Something was so wrong, but I was so unhappy on the inside that I just kept eating.

I met my now husband during this time. He didn’t care one bit about the size of my jeans or that I used to be skinny and tiny. He loved me for me. He loved me for my silly quirks and all my antics. We started eating dinner together almost nightly and our menus consisted of delicacies like macaroni and cheese, entire loaves of french bread, Twizzlers, frozen pizza, and lots and lots of ice cream.

When we got married, I wore a size 10-12. It was the largest I had ever been, but because of my past struggles with starving myself, I had not stepped on a scale in years. I had no clue how much I weighed. I was happy and in love.

Soon after this, several girls from work decided to join Weight Watchers. I remember walking into the first weigh-in and sweating from nerves. Would this trigger my anorexic days? I remember thinking, I don’t have much weight to lose, maybe 10 pounds?

I stepped on the scale and it read 174 pounds. I will never forget that day.

This was the day I changed my life. I came home and read my information until l could teach anyone the principals of Weight Watchers. My husband was so sweet and supportive during this time (and still is!). He encouraged me and helped me reach my goals. Over the next 8 months, I lost 40 pounds. It didn’t happen overnight. It was weeks of 1 or 2 pounds at a time. But I DID IT!

It’s been 8 years since I reached my ‘goal weight’ with Weight Watchers and I’ve lost even more weight since then and gained a whole lot of muscle, strength, speed, endurance and CONFIDENCE! I have had two babies and lost the baby weight both time (plus some)! Heck, I have walked on stage in a swimsuit and heels multiple times in front of hundreds of people!

I don’t care where you are today. You can do it, too! You can eat so much yummy food and enjoy desserts occasionally. You can change your life. Love yourself enough to try stepping out of your comfort zone and eating whole real foods.


Highlight Reel — January 20, 2017

Highlight Reel

Lately, I have seen lots of Instagram people and bloggers talking about the highlight real that is social media. 

I want you (my readers) to see all the sides. The ups and downs and good parts and not-so-glam parts. I try to be as transparent as possible without posting anything too personal that might affect my real life relationships. 
I want you to know the real me. I am absolutely the farthest thing from perfect. I went the entire day today without a shower and not a stitch of makeup. I held a sick little boy most of the day and gave him a sucker when he wanted one. 

I have some big goals for the next year or two. The only way those goals will become a reality is to be as authentic as I can and show you that I am just like you. 

Someone said to me this week that I was the first ‘healthy’ person who didn’t make her feel guilty or judged for what they ate. That rocked my world. She came to me asking for tips after never seeing one post on social media, but observing me in real life. 

That is what it’s all about for me – Inspiring people and surrounding myself with people who inspire me.

My challenge for you: stop posting the highlight reel and get real. Cool things will happen! 

Snow Days Suck — January 15, 2017

Snow Days Suck

#honestyhour warning.

I hate winter. I don’t like being cold. I don’t love wearing coats. I don’t like leaving for work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark. I am limited in wearing heels because I could easily slip and fall in the ice. I KNOW! #firstworldproblems.

Oklahoma has been hit with two weekends of snow, ice, and frigid air. My office has been closed for the last two Fridays due to weather! Schools have been closed. It’s been nuts.

Trying to work from home with two little boys running around isn’t easy! I’m so thankful for the option I have to work from home on days like these, but doing complicated math and reading title opinions and legal documents isn’t easy when your three-year-old needs you to come potty and your six-year-old needs ANOTHER snack.

One of our nightly family traditions is to go around the dinner table and say the best part of our days. I’ve also started journaling one good thing about each day as a part of my personal Happiness Project.

Today, it was hard for me to come up with my best part of the day. My kids were wrestling and Nerf gun fighting and making giant messes all day long. I was frustrated. My husband was frustrated. But the little moments of light? The FaceTime with our family. The boys loving their salmon and cauliflower rice. My husband doing laundry and cleaning the office and laundry room. My seriously stress-relieving workout this morning. These moments of light are my best parts of today.

There are no bad days. God has given us each day to fulfill our purpose. He doesn’t promise easy, but He does promise to never leave us or forsake us. I am resting in His grace tonight.

What I Ate Wednesday — January 12, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday

“Yup, eating again.” 

I get lots of questions about my meals and snacks. I eat five times a day. And I love it!! I have tried eating 3 or 4 times a day and I have tried eating 6 times a day,  but five just seems to work for me. 

Here is a peek into a typical day! 

I eat the same thing for breakfast almost every day. 

Today: A whole egg, some egg whites and gluten free raisin bread. (Not pictured)

Snack 1: Shakeology Vegan chocolate ‘pudding’

Lunch: 1/4 of this Buffalo Chicken Bake made with spaghetti squash.

Snack 2: apple and almond butter with cinnamon

Dinner: lean ground beef stir-fry with sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and green beans.

Need help with meal ideas or recipes? Join my accountability group starting Monday, January 16! Message me or email me and let’s do this! 

7 swaps for 2017 — January 7, 2017

7 swaps for 2017

It can be overwhelming to overhaul your eating habits. I get it! I once lived on a diet of chocolate chip granola bars, Diet Dr. Pepper, Subway, pizza, and pasta. Yup, really. I haven’t always been focused on nutrition! 

I know what it’s like to not even know where to begin. I remember feeling overwhelmed with trying to lose weight and eat better, so I thought – let’s start at the beginning! 

Here are my seven easy swaps for 2017! Start here. 

1. Swap sparkling water for soda! 

I know you love soda. And you won’t love sparkling water on day one. But stick with it and treat yourself to the bubbles without the chemicals and sugar!! My favorites are LaCroix Pure and Lime and Perrier. I also love the sparkling Smartwater! 

2. Swap coconut oil for butter. 

It doesn’t work for every single situation, but using coconut oil for butter in baked goods makes your muffins, cakes, cookies and bread SO delicious and moist! Also, spread it on toast or your baked sweet potato. It’s perfect for pretty much everything except for cooking steak. Use butter for that! 

3. Swap coconut oil spray for vegetable or canola oil spray.

One of the easiest swaps on the list! Grab this from Trader Joe’s or Target and throw away your other stuff. 

4. Swap fruit and veggies and nuts for packaged snacks.

Wait – No more honey buns or candy or bags of chips? Sorry, friends! Try apple slices for a crunch, almonds for that yummy flavor, oranges for a burst of sweet and tangy flavor, cucumbers and hummus, frozen cherries or grapes – try ANY combo here!

5. Swap roasted veggies for fried anything. 

All veggies are better roasted. Trust me. Roast them for a loooong time and enjoy. Skip anything and everything fried, if at all possible. 

6. Swap lettuce wraps for buns.

Just try a bunless burger one time and you won’t go back! Every restaurant will accomadate and you certainly can go nuts with wraps at home. The taste of the meat and toppings takes a whole new role when eaten in a lettuce wrap. I cannot imagine ever going back to buns!

7. Swap your go-to for something new.

Make it a goal to try a new recipe once a week or to try a veggie or fruit you aren’t sure about. Try a stir-fry recipe or a new crockpot creation! Get the purple potatoes or the spaghetti squash. Try new things!

2017 – the blog — January 1, 2017

2017 – the blog

Mini Sessions - Wheeler051.jpg

Perfectly imperfect. This picture captures our family perfectly. We laugh, we fight, we have fun days, we have bad days. We argue over clothing choices and brushing teeth. We laugh about funny things Camden does or says. We are not perfect, but we love.

To start this new year, I want to introduce myself. I grew up in a small town in the panhandle of Texas, went to college at Oklahoma State University, and moved to Edmond, Oklahoma where I met my husband. We have been married 8 1/2 years and have two beautiful boys. Our oldest is 6 and our little guy is 3. I have a passion for fitness and health. I love real-life fashion and everything that sparkles. I work full-time in oil and gas and teach Pure Barre part-time.


This blog is full of recipes, experiences, stories and my life. It’s not fancy, but it’s my heart on a screen. I have always loved writing and have a journalism degree.

One of my goals for this year is to publish at least one blog per week. So stay tuned, readers. 52 (or more!) blogs are coming at you!